Chaos Emerald Serum Bank


60+ Serum Presets designed by Fiori. Perfect for Hyperpop, Glitchcore, Digicore, and other trending styles. There is enough range of sounds to be useful for any composer working on electronic compositions including over 100+ one shots from the kit that have been carefully recorded and manipulated to be useful even outside of Serum.

The “Evolve” feature included on several presets brings a new and fun way of using Serum that gives you a far greater amount of presets than at first glance. Try it for yourself! (Automating it is very fun..)

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The Chaos Emerald Serum Bank includes 60+ Presets hand designed by Fiori. This bank is perfect for hyperpop, digicore and other trending styles. Whether you are working on your next loop kit or just making beats, you will find a ton of inspiration in this kit. Included are another 100+ one shots you can use outside of Serum in your favorite sampler.  Serum is an amazing synth and well reknowned for good reasons. These presets are designed to not eat through your cpu, and run very smooth without pops and clicks. The “Evolve” section includes presets with 2-in-1 presets you can switch between, or blend. Automating them creates some crazy transitions in melodies and will surely inspire you to do some pretty cool tricks in your next composition. But don’t worry, as complex as it sounds, they are still very musical.

The Chaos emerald Serum Bank has been carefully reviewed and tested to make sure every preset is usable and worthwhile. We know you will love every preset, no matter the context in which you are using them.

Wishing you the best in all of your creative endeavors, wherever this bank finds you amidst that journey.


P.S. Be sure to check out the project by Gami that inspired this kit here: Chaos Emerald EP

This kit would pair really well with our latest volume of the Otaku Drum Kit, found here: Otaku Vol. 3

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