RC20 Presets – “Retro Futurism”


60 High-Quality, Original Presets for XLN RC-20 designed by Fiori.

These presets work great on melodies, drum loops, and one shots. Ranging from subtle to extreme color, you will absolutely find several new favorites to add to your sound design and mixing styles.

Upgrade your sound today.

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60 High-Quality RC20 Presets designed by Fiori.

RC20 is by and far one of the most popular modern VSTs for a reason. It does its jobĀ really well. Producers, sample makers, composers, and even sound designers will find great use from this plugin. Personally, I use RC20 in my melody chains when making loops, on my drum breaks for vintage character, and even on my one shot drums when doing sound design sessions. Use these RC20 presets to speed up your workflow instead of spending valuable time tweaking things to your liking.

These presets are designed to save you time..

  • Many of the presets are perfect for adding character to melodies. Try them on guitars, synths, pianos, bells, and your favorite one shots.
  • Included are also several mix bus presets that will sound great when blended into your mix bus or even your 2-bus. Try automating the magnitude slider on these throughout your track to bring in variety and depth.
  • Furthermore, you will find a few presets great on drum breaks or single drum one shots. Experiment with these!
  • Installation directions are inside the folder. Using the most recent version of RC20 is recommended.

Upgrade your sound today.

Requires XLN RC20 which you can get here

These would go great with my Scaler presets. You can check those out here